The 'BSG for SDG' app is a one-stop-platform for all things related to SDGs. Be it enhancing your knowledge and understanding of the SDGs, reflecting on your daily actions, understanding what changes you can make in your everyday life to live sustainably; or uploading your own actions on SDGs to empower countless others to adapt sustainability as a way of life; - this app can help you do all this and so much more.
The app serves as a platform to help adopt ‘Sustainable Human Behaviour’ as a way of life – an essential requirement to achieve the SDGs.

Some of the interesting features that you can use in this app are listed below:

  1. Expand your knowledge on the SDGs.
  2. UPLOAD YOUR SDG ACTION and share with the world what steps you are taking to live sustainably.
  3. Take part in fun SDG QUIZ.
  4. Improve your SDG VOCABULARY.
  5. Discover interesting SDG BOOKS and other SDG READING MATERIAL.
  6. Listen to insightful SDG PODCASTS.
  7. Watch informative SDG VIDEOS.
  8. Pledge to SDG CAMPAIGNS to make a strong commitment to lead a sustainable life.
  9. Learn more about SDG SIGNIFICANT DATES.
  10. Receive a ‘SDG TIP FOR DAILY LIFE’: something new to focus on each day.
  12. Read the latest SDG NEWS, and a lot more.

    • Language English
    • Age Group All Age Group
    • Download Location Any
    • OS Android, iOS
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The app is developed by Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG), an organization dedicated to achieving the SDGs through 'Sustainable Human Behaviour'. Learn more about Bharat Soka Gakkai by visiting the website -

BSG for SDG is a humble initiative to spread greater awareness on the SDGs and simplify the concept of sustainability. The app provides information on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in an easy to read, and easier to apply manner, so that people all over the world can adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

We can all contribute to sustainability through little actions in our daily lifestyle, and make sure that the future generations have sufficient resources to live comfortably.

Sustainability is not about just one person leading a perfectly sustainable lifestyle. It’s about all people doing their bit imperfectly every day, even if it's just one small step, so that we can all collectively create a better world for tomorrow.

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